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Showing real performance on Forex speaks better than too many words



1700 pips in 5 months - Monthly return 19.8% - 15% DD - No floating positions-

See the live performance of our real account :

Myfxbook is third party who check first the validity of the Forex account before to publish.

Few words about us:

We are a french team with 10 years of forex experience.

We are mainly focus on security of funds with a very conservative trading strategy

Few words about our strategy:

We trade only at specific hours of the day and on specific currencies pairs taking opportunity of market correction timing.

All trades have SL and TP and a limited hours duration.

No martingale - No grid -


You can follow up this above real account as long as you wish.

We offer you to get the same results by opening a forex ECN account with our MAM broker partner

Follow this link:


When your account is opened and funded, you will receive automatically the same exact trades on your MT4 Forex account.

Our income is 25% fee performance (only on profits made) managed monthly directly by broker.

If you have questions contact us:


Forex trading is a legal activity around the world and the market is open to companies and individuals as well. AMF is a regulation autority in France (AMFE for Europe), FCA is the autority who regulate the Forex trading in England and all country have his own autority. We cannot make promise results for the future, we can only show what we did and show in real time via Myfxbook (third independent party who check the account validity) our real account running. Each client is responsable to declare his benefits to the tax authorities of his residential country.





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